Release v6.8.4 (2024-02-01)

Published 2024-02-01 14:48:31Z



  • This release fixes a long standing permissions management bug (see below). Because of that bug, it is recommended that you do a re-index after applying the update to ensure permission integrity of the search index.

  • Other changes improve the handling of workflows were multiple bugs could be fixed.


  • fylr convert: Faster thumbnail extraction from videos. This is achieved by re-ordering the parameters for ffmpeg, so that it knows where to seek to before opening the file.

  • POST /api/user: Added some clean-ups for email confirmation states if email of a user changes or is removed.

  • Performance improvements for exec server and file access in general. All requested files where delivered in a compressed format (if requested). For internal copying from into the exec server for file production this could mean a serious performance penalty for larger files, like videos. Fixed by sending most file types uncompressed.


  • Permission management for objects found in the search was fixed: If an object was saved, using a permission issued by a pool, the object would be indexed using that permission. That permission would persists even after the permission was retracted from the pool acl. This bug affected the searches only, not the object access through /api/db. However, by learning about this bug we recommend a full re-index to fix existing wrongly index objects.

  • /api/db: When executing transitions, make sure to only show each distinct confirmation only once. Before we would show a confirmation for each object of the uploaded batch.

  • DELETE /api/db: Fix delete loops as result of cascading 202 responses from the server. If a 202 response for the delete policy was followed by a 202 response for transition confirmation, the delete policy was lost for the last confirmation, resulting in an endless loop of 202 responses. This didn't show in our apitests, but in the fylr frontend. Solved by using a hidden button in the tasks responded in the 202.

  • POST /api/schema: Catch looping reverse column definitions. If an object type object would link to asset (reverse edit enabled), and back to object (also with reverse), posting the schema would result in a stack overflow in the server, crashing the fylr server. Now, such a constellation is caught by the API and an error is returned.#

  • POST /api/db: Support storing of _child_numbering in group editor. Before, setting the property _child_numbering in the group mode of the endpoint was ignored.

  • POST /api/collection: Fixed acl check when sharing rights. With obsolete versions stored in rights preset, an collection save with a sharing acl could fail, if an obsolete version was thought to be required by the granted rights. Fixed by cleaning up the rights (and presets) when loading the collections for the share check. Now, with all ACL checks, the presets are silently fixed.

  • Localization fixes and improvements for some HTML pages like change password.

  • Show login page for urls which request the anonymous guest login (like a collection) share for system which have the guest access login disabled.

  • GET /api/pool[/list]: Check authentication. Before without an authenticated user, these endpoints would panic.

  • fylr restore: Fixed uploaded pool ids when used in ACLs.

  • POST /api/group: Don't allow to create new system groups, also forbid group type changes.



  • The behavior of the asset browser when loading new assets into the application has been significantly improved. The asset browser will now progressively display processed versions. For example, if a video is uploaded, the asset browser will first show the preview as soon as it is available and then display the processed video versions (360p, 720p, etc.).

  • The display of plugins in the base config list has been changed. Now their internal name is shown for easier identification. The display name is now shown in the detail panel when selecting a plugin.

  • The quick access view now shows the asset browser by default.

  • Improvements have been made to the application's overall CSS.

  • The fullscreen detail view has been enhanced for better performance with large searches. Thumbnail loading has been optimized for efficiency, and the dynamic loading system for objects has been fixed to avoid loading all objects at once.

  • The “Show Hierarchy” option has been removed from the table view display options to address performance issues in instances with thousands of nested nodes.

  • When performing metadata mapping while uploading new assets, users will now be correctly alerted if any file could not be read properly.

  • The “Show history” button in the print manager has been improved.

  • The number of objects in the hierarchy view's load more function has been significantly increased.

  • The functionality of the main search has been improved, ensuring that changing elements in the detail view using the navigation buttons at the bottom correctly updates the selection in the main search to display the new selected element.

  • The functionality of the root menu has been improved, and the application now remembers its configuration (whether the user has it open or closed).

  • The use of the EAS Poller in the application has been improved to prevent it from running when not necessary.

  • The full screen editor now correctly displays the asset browser when opened.


  • A bug in the input search that duplicated double quotes in search terms has been fixed.

  • The use of the "system_object_id" field in the sorting menu has been fixed. Also this field use was fixed on the expert search menu.

  • A bug in the datamodel manager's multiinput, which caused not all fields to display correctly, has been fixed.

  • A bug where the newly loaded object was not displayed in the main search has been fixed.

  • A bug where an alert to reload the application was displayed during an object store synchronization, making it impossible to complete the synchronization, has been fixed.

  • The hierarchy view in the detail panel has been fixed. The button to load more items in the list now works correctly.

  • The order of options in the video player's quality selector has been corrected.

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