Release v6.3.1 (2023-04-28)

Published 2023-04-28 16:54:58Z

Highlights 🎉

This is a bug fixing release. One important fix is the fixed propagation of read rights for updated pools (see below). Another bug involved a rare indexing race bug which could lead to unindexed objects.


  • /api/objects adds a Last-Modified time stamp to the http headers.

  • Configuring object metadata based filename downloads required the addition of %asset.append_extension%. This is no longer supported. fylr will automatically add the correct extension of the file.

  • Blurhash is now rendered client side, the technical_metadata blurhash_img will no longer be compiled for new uploads. This reduces code complexity in fylr as well as speeds up loading times as less data needs to be transported to the client.

  • Logging improved for https server connection errors. The new handler uses the main log handler in level Debug and no longer the stdlib direct error logging.

  • Improved fylr backup / restore compatibility. There is still stuff which isn't restored from easydb 5 (like logo in base config), but we hope to get this done by the next release.

  • Base config items have been re-ordered for an improved experience.

  • Metadata mapping into reverse objects is now supported. Before this was configurable in our metadata drag & drop editor, but ignored during import.

  • Improved Web Socket support for event stream. This version cuts all connections upon server purge. This should make the front end better reacting to a purged server (it simply reloads now to show the login screen when fylr is back).

  • Tags which are in use by objects can now be deleted. In that case they are automatically removed from the objects using them. Before the server would prohibit this.

  • Plugin callback db_pre_save: Added _callback_context including original_mask. The mask is the mask the object has been posted with.

  • PDF previews are now rendered as JPEG and always use a white background. This brings down the size of the "" archive to 20% of the previous version.


  • PDF preview creation on Windows has been fixed.

  • Fixed race bug in indexing queue during re-index. During reindex it could happen that not all objects made it into the newly created index, but rather got indexed into the old index.

  • Properly escape file names in /api/export.

  • Added _created_at and _updated_at to group and messages. System groups created date are set in a migration step to the created date of the system pools. Manually created groups and messages do not get timestamps set.

  • Switching on hierarchy in data model would not fix the corresponding masks, resulting in undisplayed parent column. This could be fixed by manually adjusting the mask settings but is now fixed automatically.

  • Loading problems with some plugins (like the easydb-barcode-display-pdf are now reported without errors. Such problems no longer prevent fylr from starting up.

  • Resource menu in front end is no longer empty if a user uses a frontend language which is not among the base config configured database languages.

  • Column type double can no longer be passed to the API as string. The problem here was that the response of that value was also string for these values.

  • Base config uploaded logo and background images where only recognized as being ready after another base object was saved (cache expires in that case).

  • /api/objects/.../format/html was fixed. It no longer causes an eternal wait in the responding Go routine.

  • Pool updates properly index subpools and immediate parents now. This fixes issues with pool searches which could be out-of-sync after permission changes.

Web frontend

fylr includes the latest version of the web frontend with the following changes.


  • Web frontend and CUI source now require Node.js version 16 or higher to build.

  • Enhanced date filters on the main search and fixed related issues.

  • Improved the search popover when no image standard is available on the object type.

  • Enhanced some order hints on the base configuration to improve usability.

  • Improved the preview of objects that do not have a standard available.

  • Enhanced the preview of objects with no standard on collections to improve user experience.

  • Enhanced the way CUI hides or shows elements on the frontend.

  • Enhanced behavior when no language is available by implementing a fallback language.

  • Improved the text view of polyhierarchical objects and fixed the creation of parent elements in the editor.

  • Improved the naming convention for JSON and CSV files generated in various parts of the application.

  • Improved the collection options menu to allow users to continue working when file uploads are not enabled.


  • Fixed design and CSS issues.

  • Fixed an error on the frontend when opening the fullscreen detail on collections.

  • Fixed EAS behavior on editor related to the DOM structure and drag and drop functionality.

  • Fixed an error on the object type menu when a workflow with an empty comment was set.

  • Fixed errors on the weblink plugin with links containing # and ? parameters.

  • Fixed a problem with the group editor that occurred when more than 100 objects were present. This also improve the speed of this option on the frontend.

  • Fixed errors related to field rights and expert search.

  • Fixed a problem with mask splitters and nested tables with no visible children.

  • Fixed an issue with the CSV importer where an error message was always displayed during import preparation.

  • Fixed an issue where the quick access menu could not be displayed and remained hidden until the page was refreshed.

  • Fixed an issue with the detail-linked-plugin where it was not displayed if it was the only element within a mask-splitter.

  • Fixed an issue where the CSV importer would become stuck if an object type with a display-field-value-mask-splitter was used.

  • Fixed an issue where metadata mapping did not work properly when uploading objects to collections and in the editor.

  • Made improvements to the base-migration plugin related to export and import in fylr.

  • Improved the user experience for archiving and unarchiving users.

  • Fixed several errors in the behavior of the new event stream.

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