Release v6.6.4 (2023-09-29)

Published 2023-09-29 14:10:00Z

We forgot to bump the version number in 6.6.3, this one has 6.6.4 set correctly.


  • Make file workers faster when picking up a new job. A new index makes it possible to pick up jobs faster. This becomes relevant on huge file queues (after migration or re-sync) where the queue is filled with more than 100k jobs. This patch also switches the locking to a different lock which avoids the otherwise harmless error message in the Postgres log: ERROR: could not obtain lock on row in relation "file_queue".


  • /api/config: When storing event BASE_CONFIG_UPDATE, we now store the url path RFC compliant. Before, the format was using a "sloppy" approach, same found in Go stdlib where " " is accepted as part of a path.

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