Release v6.9.3 (2024-03-19)

Published 2024-03-19 14:39:14Z



  • /inspect/migration: Use --max-parallel-upload-files 1 to upload only 1 file at a time to avoid race problems.

  • fylr restore: Fixed version upload error reporting. This problem could happen when using --max-parallel-upload-files > 1.

  • Export / Download: Support files > 4GB.

  • fylr metadata write: Use exiftool -api LargeFileSupport=1 to support files > 4GB for downloads.



  • Add to collection: The options to add an object to a collection have been added in new locations, such as in the tools of the detail panel and in the fullscreen detail.


  • Connector Plugin: Some issues in the connector plugin have been fixed when trying to download files from external instances.

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