Hotfolder & File System Connect

These tutorials describe how to set up and use the Hotfolder and the File System Connect. (System) Administrator permissions are required for setting it up.

Upload Collections

Collections can be used to upload bulks of files. Files can either be dropped on the collection in the frontend or in the Hotfolder or File System Connect. All files will be imported to FYLR and linked to the collection. Please refer to the tutorial on how to set up an upload collection and to the upload settings for all details.

Differences Between Hotfolder & File System Connect

Both the Hotfolder and the File System Connect use the WebDAV protocol and both can be used to upload files. But only the File System Connect supports editing and downloading files, whereas the Hotfolder only supports uploading files.

When you only want to upload files into your FYLR, you should always use the Hotfolder as it's a lot faster than the File System Connect. Once you dragged files into the Hotfolder and they are successfully imported, the files will be deleted from the WebDAV folder. You may need to reload to see the change. In case an error occurred, the file will be renamed instead of deleted and a text file with more details will be created. All uploaded files can be accessed in FYLR according to the configured permissions and are automatically linked to the collection that was used for uploading.

With the File System Connect on the other hand, while uploading is also possible, it is slower. As an upside, files will stay in the WebDAV folder after being imported. Also, files that are already in the collection will be shown in the WebDAV folder. All visible files can be downloaded and edited (edited files will be updated in FYLR).

Please be careful with the File System Connect: when you delete a file from the WebDAV folder, it will also be deleted from FYLR and cannot be restored!

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If you are a (system) administrator and want to enable the Hotfolder and / or the File System Connect in your FYLR installation, please continue here.

If you want to learn how to set up an upload collection, please continue here.

If you want to learn how to use the Hotfolder or File System Connect on a Mac or Windows system, please continue here.

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