Release v6.7.1 (2023-10-17)

Published 2023-10-17 07:42:45Z

In case of problems after fylr update to v6.7

fylr might forget its location defaults

Symptoms for that are: Uploads do no longer work. And the location defaults just all display - not configured - (In the Base Configuration - File worker). (Screenshot)

Fix: configure the location defaults again. In almost all cases this should be trivial. If you have multiple locations that are ambiguous, check their contents to see what they were used for.

Webfrontend path not found

fylr does not start with: Error setting default for config: Webfrontend path not found: open /fylr/files/webfrontend/index.html: no such file or directory

Fix: remove the line path: "/fylr/files/webfrontend" from fylr.yml. It is below webapp.

Unable to open resource file

fylr does not start with: ERR Unable to load [...] error="Unable to open resource file [...]"

Fix: remove the resources: line from fylr.yml. Resources are not included in the container any more but are included in the fylr binary file. There, they are found automatically... if you do not specify a path in fylr.yml.

Any questions / bugs:


  • startup: prevents panic if no build info can be found in web build or go build

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