Release v6.4.0 (2023-05-31)

Published 2023-05-31 15:42:50Z

Release v6.4.0 on 2023-05-31T15:12:41Z


  • /api/db now supports lookups in localised columns (one language only).

  • Import mapping supports adding localised keywords.

  • A new SAML configuration allows to configure the login page link to the single-sign-on system.

  • Support binaries in plugins for execserver. This is used by the new plugin server-pdf.

  • Add new plugin server-pdf plugin to support server side pdf rendering for the pdf-creator plugin. This replaces the easydb 5 based easydb-service to support PDF creation. Make sure that chromium or chrome is installed in your execserver.

  • A new setting for the fylr.yml has been added: fylr.execserver.parallelHigh. With this setting, specialised workers can be started which only pick up high priority jobs. Producing standard renditions are considered a high priority task. This setting can be used to speed up the production of previews.


  • Improved startup check of database to prevent accidently database purges. Previously any error during startup check could case a unconditional database purge.

  • Plugins: API extensions require an authenticated user to work. Previously we didn't perform any user or auth checks on plugin endpoints. Currently it is not possible to support anonymous API extensions with no user. Contact us if you need that.

  • Webhooks can be configured to receive the current fylr authentication token.

  • Automatically add files extension to download filenames. Previously this needed to be configured in the download name template.

  • /api/db now includes short names & references for _tags and _pool.

  • /api/db: Include localised column names in the unique key violation error.

  • /api/db: Include timing information in the http response header.

  • Office documents get a 15 minute time limit to produce preview versions. Before this limit was the generic plugin execution limit in fylr.yml and per default a lot lower.

  • /api/search/parse: Query parser no longer uses type: text, query: intervals_ordered when generating the search query, but type: match, mode: wildcard instead. This prevents errors which occured when search terms expanded to more than 128 terms while using wildcard.

  • Set all default OAUTH2 clients to public: true so that no longer a client secret is stored or required. This seems a sensible thing to do as the published clients are not secret anyway and as such do not need to carry a client secret.

  • Improved cookbooks & recipe checks for the produce config. If you have used a non default produce config make sure to re-save the config to fix recipes your configuration (the old default produce config contained ignored but harmless problems).

  • Run less object indexing after file syncs. File syncs without object relevant changes no longer require the objects to be re-synced.


  • Webdav support correctly generates linked objects (if configured via metadata profiles). Previously these objects did not have an owner assigned and failed to index properly.

  • Mapping of categories during import was fixed.

  • Import of linked objects via import mapping in top level objects was fixed.

  • Do not loop sync files in error state. Previously the syncing action would not stop to re-produce and re-generate erroneous versions, even if these attempts were hopeless and prone to fail again.

  • Add localisation keys for disabled frontend languages.

  • Don't store user in events if the event does not allow it. In plugins this might need configuration in the manifest.yml to re-enable storing users in events.

  • Check mask right in /api/db.

  • Fixed concurrent map writes in transaction mapper. This rare event could cause fylr to crash.

  • Searching through changelog in /api/db did not work properly in certain combinations of users & dates.

  • Putting objects using Webdav was fixed for some configurations where series recognition was enabled.

  • Allow deletion of users who are owners of a group. Previously the database would prohibit this per foreign key enforcement.

  • Sharing collection to groups with email sending enabled, was fixed.

  • Saving export schedules on Windows has been fixed. The previous version did not include the Unix timezone information and thus, the timezones sent by our front end caused an "unknown timezone" error on Windows. Fixed by including the timezone information per Go "time/tzdata".

  • Fixed database migration step from 80 to 81. On some systems the sequence for baseconfig ids where off and this update step failed. Fixed by fixing the sequence before performing the migration step.

  • Fixed a problem with long filenames under Windows. When uploading a file with a very long name (> 256 characters), the production of renditions would fail on Windows. This was fixed by no longer using the original filename for the rendition production command. However, this change affects all internally generated and kept produce hashes and thus fylr assumes that all renditions are outdated after this patch. In practise that has no effect, but if a sync action is performed on the original of the renditions, all renditions will be produced again.

  • Fixed embedded build info into fylr binaries. This fixes the display of build times in the About dialog.

  • Removed footer output of page name on login pages and others.

  • Fixed expiration calculation for janitor jobs to archive and delete users. The bug would cause all users to be archived or deleted unless the janitor expiration days would be set to 0.

  • Fixed transitions for users with avatar pictures.

  • Fixed plugin loader for more than one URL. Now its possible to configure more than one plugin using the URL method.



  • A new feature has been added to allow copying an object as a template. Now, in the editors, a temporary template called Adhoc template will appear in the template selector. This template will contain the data of the last object copied as a template.

  • A parent entry field has been added to the header-detail section of hierarchy objects when the hierarchy is configured to be displayed on the mask.


  • An issue has been resolved where share buttons were being displayed to users without permission to share on asset version panels.

  • The sub-menu of the stored search collection has been improved. Options that should not appear in this sub-menu have been removed.

  • The mask editor for object types has been improved when selecting the Index option for nested fields. Now, when this attribute is selected, the other masks of the object will copy this attribute, ensuring that all masks have the same nested index value for a specific field. Previously, the server was responsible for making this change, but now the frontend handles it.

  • Bug fixes have been implemented in the expert search menu of the Filter for Linked Objects panel.

  • Fixed delete and copy button on transitions manager.

  • Fix a problem with the Export Assets Filename on object type general tab.

  • Bugs in the Filter for Linked Objects functionality have been fixed, addressing issues related to their usage on searches.

  • Fixed an error when trying to open group editor multiple times.

  • Fixed a problem with the default pool for pool for linked object option on a collection upload settings.

  • An error in the detail view has been fixed when the only available version of an asset was a watermarked version.

  • A problem with Reverse Linked Nested has been fixed when there is a reference to an object where the configured field to be displayed in the reverse nested table has been emptied.


  • The Show Standard Info option is now set as the default option for slides in presentations.

  • Enhanced the pool field order on general form, on pool manager.

  • Enhanced the navigation tool texts on pool manager list.

  • The main menu object type buttons have been enhanced to be displayed to users who only have read permissions for these object types.

  • The admin messages before downloads have been improved. Now, all asset download options include these messages.

  • The generation of language tags for the languages configured in the base-config has been improved.

  • The utility for modifying object tags from the search has been improved. Now, the utility is more efficient and notifies the user if any errors occur.

  • The updating of objects in the search when receiving updates from the server has been significantly improved.

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