Preparations Before Usage

Before using the Hotfolder or File System Connect, some preparations are necessary. Most settings can be made by an administrator, but in some cases also a system administrator is needed.


In a typical installation of FYLR, this is already done. But in some instances this still has to be done by a system administrator. There is no harm in trying to use the Hotfolder without this step first and if FYLR refuses to give you the Hotfolder URL and points out this requirement instead, you know that this needs to be done.

You need access to the configuration of FYLR, typically a file called fylr.yml and you need to restart FYLR to make it re-read its configuration.

Here is the entry, that needs to be set in the configuration: (with some hierarchy above the entry for orientation)

      webDAVHotfolderPath: "/srv/hotfolder"

The path given needs to make sense inside the container filesystem hierarchy.

Typically, the path is mapped to the outside of the container to the server file system, for space requirements or persistence. The docker-compose.yml given in our installation instructions does this implicitly by mapping an outside directory to /srv inside the container.

File System Connect

In contrast to Hotfolder, the method File System Connect does not need preparation by the system administrator and can be set up and used directly. It uses no real file system directory but relies only on WebDAV.

Activate Services

Additionally the upload needs to be enabled: Go to Base Configuration > Services and enable "Activate Hotfolder" and / or "Activate File System Connect".


In order for users to be able to use the Hotfolder or File System Connect, a few permissions still need to be assigned.

The users (or user groups) need the system rights "Access Search" with "Create Collections" or "Access Quick Access Only (No Search)" as well as "Frontend Features > Show File System Connect URL" (for the File System Connect). For more details please refer to the permissions.

Additionally the users (or user groups) also need the permission to create new records, upload files and read permissions to at least one pool. This can be defined under "Pools". For more details please refer to permissions.

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