Custom Data

Custom Data Types allow the definition of custom types. The data of such a type is stored as JSON by FYLR.

All custom data is stored in its own table in FYLR, each record is stored only once per _uuid. The _uuid can be provided or will be auto-generated by FYLR based on the data which was sent. If that data changes a new UUID is generated and a new record is stored. The old record is kept in the database as long as it is references by any object (including historical versions).

Providing UUID

Custom data can contain a _uuid at the top level of the data. With such an id FYLR is not generating one.

Record uniqueness is determined soley on the provided UUID. So sending different data with the same UUID will not update the stored data. To update the stored data, a new UUID must be provided.

Custom Data Types support search mappings. The search mapping is defined in the manifest.yml of the plugin which defines the Custom Data Type.


Custom Data Types can be updated by a background service provided by FYLR. This background service collects all expired custom data and asks a script of the plugin to provide any updates on that data as needed. The updates happen periodically and the Custom Data Type can provide an expiration date for each record.

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