Release v6.9.2 (2024-03-15)

Published 2024-03-15 12:13:36Z



  • /api/pool/<ID>/stats?include_subpools=0|1: Calculates statistics of file usage in pools and subpools.

  • fylr.yml: New config option fylr.logger.addRemoteAddr. Enable to log the remote address of each request.

  • Add Connector Plugin to the disk loaded plugins in our Dockerfile.


  • File upload: If storage is not available, do not create a database "file" entry. This was particularly imminent when using ZIP uploaded plugins in a restored instance without the correct fylr.encryptionKey set.

  • Service webapp reverse proxy: For all data proxied through the main web server (so all api traffic) we turn off compression as it the data is already compressed by the api endpoint. This speeds up responses for file binary data.



  • Presentations: Fixed a bug in all the tools for moving slides in the presentation manager. This error occurred when trying to move slides in presentations with more than 10 slides.

  • Editor Popover: A bug has been fixed that caused an error when trying to open an editor popover from a linked object.

  • Multi Inputs: The behavior of the multi inputs in the application forms has been corrected. Now, when language settings in the application are changed, the multi inputs update correctly.

  • CSS: Multiple CSS corrections have been made in the application and in the pdf printing.

  • Result Views: A JS bug that occurred if Search Views were changed too quickly in the Main Search while the search was running has been fixed.

  • Table View: The message for empty search in Table View Search has been corrected.

  • Search Filters: A bug has been fixed when trying to sort search filters by name.

  • Date Filters: The date filters have been limited to only show 10 elements, just like in the other filters elements on filter manager.

  • Multiple Variant Indicator: Now, if the user does not have the frontend_features[asset_variants] permission, the multiple variants indicator will not be shown in the EAS fields.

  • Hierarchical List: Resolves an issue that occurs when attempting to access the hierarchy manager during searches that do not have one


Connector Plugin

  • Support has been added in fylr for the connector plugin. Additionally, the connector plugin has been updated to support connections between ez5 and fylr instances.

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