Release v6.9.1 (2024-03-06)

Published 2024-03-06 14:08:39Z



  • /api/search: Better algorithm to reduce the best mask filter complexity, requiring less boolean clauses when querying Elasticsearch or Opensearch. In some instances with elaborated rights management settings it was necessary to set indices.query.bool.max_clause_count as high eas 4096 to work around an error message. This setting should no longer be needed and the default of 1024 is enough.

  • Go 1.22 / Alpine 3.19: fylr is now built with Go 1.22 and uses Alpine 3.19 in the Docker image.


  • CSV export of tags: This patch fixes output for _tags. If tag.reference is set, it is used for the output, if not the tag._id is used.

  • /inspect/objects: Fixed when displaying objects with no masks in the data model.

  • /inspect/system/location: Fixed disk usage output under Windows when fylr is started as a service.

  • DELETE /api/user: Allow deleting of archived users if the base config is set to archive users as default. Now, in this case the server will ask if the user should be deleted or resurrected.

  • /api/export/ID/start: Fix a panic which could occur if a plugin was used and certain right management configurations were set.

  • /api/db?collection=ID: Fix a panic if a user with certain rights management settings would try to create a new object inside his own collection. This happened easily when using drag & drop into the collection in our frontend.



  • Top Level Only Button: The button added in version 6.9 to display only top-level records has been replaced by a selector.

  • Hierarchy Mode View Selector: A selector has been added in the main search and the list search to choose how to display hierarchical objects. This new selector replaces the “Top Level Only” button included in the previous release and also replaces the old “flat hierarchy” options.

  • CSS: Numerous improvements have been made to the application's CSS.


  • SVG Download: Fixed the button to download SVG of a schema; in some occasions, the schema used was not the correct one.

  • Table View: Corrections have been made when conducting searches using the table view.

  • Audio Player: A bug has been fixed where the audio player was not displaying correctly in the asset browser when the asset came from a linked object.

  • Group Editor: Fixed a JavaScript error when trying to load the group editor with a user who did not have certain permissions.

  • Collection Upload: The error message has been corrected when trying to upload files to collections using drag and drop, and the user did not have permission to do so.

  • Editor Popover: Fixed a bug where the editor popover threw a JavaScript error on loading, making it impossible to use.

  • Event Manager: Corrections have been made in the design of the Event Manager, and a button has been added to view the referenced asset in those events that are related to assets.

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