Release v6.10.1 (2024-05-08)

Published 2024-05-08 09:43:27Z


  • An re-index is required for all affected systems which use inheritance (see below).



  • File worker: Video encoding and thumbnail extraction recipes now have a manually configurable timeout. The encoding has a default timeout of 1h and the thumbnail extraction of 10m. Timeouts can be configured using a duration string with suffixes s, m and h.

  • /api/objects/.../file/...: Deliver with filename (set in the HTTP headers). The same filename as for exports is used. Downloading files from that URL now suggest the correct filename.


  • Backup: The new pg_dump format no longer backups Postgres extensions, so that is is possible to restore such backups without super user permissions.

  • Resurrect stale indexing jobs after instance restart. If fresh fylr servers are started and some indexing jobs are still in state processing, they are now re-queued at startup with state new.

  • /inspect/objects: Show API-Section at the top for easier reachability.

  • Email addresses: In 6.10.0 we included a better email verification, unfortunately that check was quite thorough, so that an actual DNS MX check was performed. This seems desirable for user self registration but not necessarily for the base config and user manager. So, the MX check is now only performed in the user self registration but nowhere else. However, the included syntax checker is still better than what we had previous to 6.10.0.


  • /api/search: Sorting by original_filename was fixed. This broke after our refactor of the ICU collation strings for 6.10.0.

  • Indexer: Fixed an indexing problem for hierarchies with lots of children and inherited linked objects. In affected systems, this bug showed with user visible api errors when using the filter tree. A re-index is required for affected systems.

  • fylr backup: Fixed backup of users. Before not all user records were included in the backup.

  • /api/eas/zoom, /api/eas/iiif: Acknowledge colorspace & color profile when producing tiles. This was optimized out before, but it broke zoom tiles for CMYK-JPEGs on the original version which was undesirable.

  • fylr convert: Fixed supporting -colorprofile for BMP output.



  • Collection Manager: Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, the collection manager would automatically update, disrupting the user's workflow.

  • Full Screen Detail: Several fixes have been made to the full screen detail, especially when working with objects that do not contain assets.

  • CSV Importer: Fixed a bug when importing texts with line breaks, which were erroneously detected as multiple values in a nested field.

  • Editor: Fixed a bug where not all available masks were obtained in the new editor modal when these masks depended on a certain Tag and this Tag was set as default.

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