Base Configuration

In the base configuration you find general settings that affect the whole fylr. Such as display name, appearance, preview generation, user registration, email settings, etc.


The base configuration is divided into two sections:



Here you find all settings for the whole system which are identical in every fylr installation. Such as appearance, access, languages and email or export settings. For more information, please see the next pages.


Here you find settings for specific plugins. They can vary from one fylr to another. Plugins can enhance the standard feature set of fylr. For more information, please see chapter "Plugins".

Working with the Base Configuration

Navigate through the sections to access all settings. Changes in the base configuration need to be saved using the button in the lower right. When saving, your changes in all sections will be saved.

You can download the base configuration by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom of the first pane. A json file will be saved and can be uploaded into another fylr installation by clicking the same icon.

Please note, when uploading a base configuration the license, email and object store settings will be checked. If they differ, a message will be shown and you can choose if you want to overwrite the current settings or if you want to update the base configuration without the license, email or object store settings.

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