As a Go program, fylr supports many platforms. For some installation scenarios, we prepare instructions and tools:

Please note: We do all of our automated and manual software testing based on Linux servers. There is no dedicated testing on Windows and almost no testing on Kubernetes.


  • Instructions and Requirements: Linux

  • Uses docker-compose.

  • 3rd party tools for thumbnails are pre-packaged.

  • If unsure, use this method when installing yourself.

  • We offer maintenance contracts and hosting contracts for this variant. Contanct us at e.g.


  • Instructions and Requirements: Windows

  • We provide a list of 3rd party tools for thumbnails but not the tools themselves.

  • Some of our partners offer maintenance contracts for this variant.


  • Instructions: See our helm chart.

  • Uses helm charts and Linux containers.

  • Needs helm and a kubernetes cluster.

  • 3rd party tools for thumbnails are pre-packaged.

  • We offer no support for this variant, just bugfixes for your reports to

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