Release v6.11.3 (2024-07-03)

Published 2024-07-03 14:26:45Z



  • This release fixes a regression bug introduced 6.10.0. The bug broke the search filter in the "Has More..." filter popover dialog. A re-index is recommended.


  • Support FYLR_CMD_PG_DUMP and FYLR_CMD_PSQL to find helper programs for backup (pg_dump) and restore (psql). Before these programs where only looked for in PATH.


  • fylr convert: Fixed regression bug for non UTF-8 .ai file previews.

  • Fixed localisation of server side error messages.

  • /api/search: Fixed include in linked_object aggregations. The bug was introduced with the refactor or search and sort field indexing in 6.10.0. A re-index is recommended.

Web frontend


  • Polyhierarchy: A bug has been fixed where the expert search did not work correctly for polyhierarchical objects.

  • Collection Plugin: Corrections have been made to the collection plugin.

  • Plugins CrossServer: The loading of plugins in fylr has been fixed when using the cross-server feature with an ez5 instance.

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