Release v6.8.1 (2023-12-22)

Published 2023-12-22 12:37:21Z


Due to a problem with our plugin system on Windows, we needed to trim down the amount of data which is replaced into %info.json% and included in the payload via stdin. Affected systems were unable to use the plugin system.

For plugins which use base config information from the mentioned sources, it is immanent that they are checked before updating to 6.8.1. This has been done for all packaged plugins by Programmfabrik. Before, the %info.json% (used in manifest.yml of the plugin) and the stdin payload, set a config property to the full base config json.

Now, only the config of the plugin is included. If your plugin needs more base config information, such as config.system, you need to do a callback into the api on /api/v1/config. That endpoint also allows to reduce the data returned by using a path into the data, such as /api/v1/config/system/config/languages to only output the config of the languages.

Affecting only the callbacks into webhooks, the payload there does not include any base config any more as it is unknown to the webhook.


  • /api/schema/commit: A new event DATAMODEL_COMMIT is created when a new data model is committed.


  • Set allowed date range for technical metadata between year 1000 and 9999. This range is supported by OpenSearch. Removing dates outside this range fixes indexing issues with objects.

  • Support file permissions & downloads for unknown file classes for non-root users. The configuration of permissions for non-root users for unknown file types was not supported before this patch.

  • Plugin support: The replacements for %info.json% has been changed to only include the plugin related config information. This reduces the amount of data passed to the plugin call. Under Windows and inconvenient circumstances, this JSON blob was bigger than the allowed 32k.


  • /api/config: When used in patch mode it could happen that concurrent access would cause a Postgres dead lock. Fixed by using the same global write lock as we use for the full config post.

  • Indexing error with images where the create date was not read correctly by exiftool. This patch ignores dates outside the indexable range of 1000-9999. A new attribute IFD0:ModifyDate was added to the list of fields checked for date_created in technical metadata.

  • Audio recipe: Skip producing versions for audio files with no embedded thumbnail. Before we would produce versions with errors leading to a red triangle in the frontend.

  • Email sending for license expiration warnings was fixed. If a license is about to expire, fylr sends out a warning email.

  • Email informing about a ready-to-download export does show the correct date now.


  • The full-screen editor has been improved by adding object copy tools.

  • A bug has been fixed where the filter manager would execute the search a second time after initializing the app. This caused the main search to run twice and duplicated the requests for object previews.

  • A bug in the JSON importer related to loading files with spaces in the name and in Direct mode has been fixed.

  • The behavior of the pool manager has been improved. Now, when the parent of a pool is changed and the list of pools is reloaded, the current pool will be reselected in its new location in the hierarchical list.

  • The functioning of date ranges with textual representation has been corrected. Now, if the text is changed and is valid, the date will be updated.

  • A hint message has been added in the backup manager with important information about this manager.

  • Support has been added in the frontend for the new DATAMODEL_COMMIT event. Now, if a user commits a new data model, other users using the application will be notified.

  • An error in the export manager has been corrected where the list of Transports in an export was not displayed correctly.

  • An error in the export manager has been fixed where if an export used a plugin that does not have an implementation in the frontend, the button would show an error. Now the user is properly informed that this export cannot be edited.

  • The behavior of inputs for filtering lists in the application has been improved. Previously, this was blocked when the filtering request was running and did not allow the user to enter more characters. Now the input is not blocked, improving usability and user experience.

  • The creation of shared URLs for collections in Fylr has been improved. Previously, the server parameter was added when it was not necessary, making the URL longer and more complex.

  • Fixed thumbnail preview for office & pdf inside the upload area of the "new" dialog.

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