Under "Lists" all object types can be found and depending on your permissions, vocabularies/thesauri can be managed here. The system right "Access Lists" is needed to access the lists.

Object Types

Each object type that has been created in the data model appears in this first pane. Users only see the object types they have at least read permissions for. The list can therefore vary. The object types are always sorted alphabetically. For each object type a count is displayed. It shows the amount of records the current user can access in this list. Please note, that the user might not have the permission to see all records and the complete count might be higher. To view the records of an object type, simply click on the object type.

Once an object type was selected, all records are shown in the search. The search offers the same functionality as the main search, such as a full text search, an expert search and a filter.

All lists are sorted alphabetically by default. The sorting can be changed though and you can choose between two result view: "list" and "table". Just like in the main search you can access more options such as download, export, edit & view by right clicking on a record.

Depending on the permissions new records can be created by using the little plus button in the lower left.


The detail view on the right displays the record with all it's data and files according to the permissions of the user. It offers the same options as the detail view in the main search, such as download, export, full view, print sharing, and editing.


Depending on the permissions of the user, records can also be edited. The editor offers the same options as the editor in the main search, such as templates, copying, and change history.

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