Release v6.2.5 (2023-03-16)

Published 2023-03-16 10:36:14Z

We are happy to announce the latest release of fylr. There have been tons of bug fixes and improvements, some of which require a reindex to be run. Head to /inspect/system/ to start the reindex after updating.


  • The introduction of an object cache speeds up generation of facets by factor 3 in some scenarios.

  • New data type double support full floating point numbers.


  • Baseconfig allows to configure a signature for all system mails.

  • Baseconfig allows to configure an info text for the register page.

  • Support new data type double. This type is an IEEE-754 64-bit floating-point number

  • Baseconfig allows to setup oauth2 clients.

  • GET /api/event supports searching by object_id.

  • POST /api/collection/objects endpoint was missing from easydb 5 API.

  • POST /api/db checks read permissions on all inserts and updates for all linked objects.


  • The utility fylr_copy is not needed any more. Its configuration should be removed

  • Missing utilites, even if configured in fylr.yml, like fylr_copy, do not cause fylr startup to fail any more.

  • Baseconfig has been restructured for readability.

  • Speed up /api/eas/download permission checks.

  • Data model: Check for duplicate mask and object type names.

  • Faster standard rendering by introducing an object cache. Needs reindex for an initial setup.

  • POST /api/collection: Support setting uuid via API.

  • Permission checks for bi-directional updates on the other object.

  • POST /api/search/parse: Query parser produces flatter Elastic queries for long OR and AND chains, before long chains could easily trigger Elastic nested query limits.

  • Include _collections in format standard, same as easydb 5. This fixed removing objects from collection using the context menu.

  • Removed POST /api/eas bulk api. This API was used by fylr restore and is now superseded by POST /api/eas/rput together with the new url parameter generate_metdata=false which skips metadata generation enabling fast restores for migrations.

  • Baseconfig suggest now a reindex if the languages were changed.

  • Collection sharing: Added Windows Explorer compatible URL suggestions in upload configuration dialog.

  • Custom data type updater now supports merging of custom data (via the same UUID or same data).

  • File management now supports a remote_delete_url which is called by fylr when a remote file can be deleted.

  • File management introduces a move command which can be started from /inspect/files. The command moves files from remote URLs into local storage. This can be useful for migrations where disk space is scarce.

  • Improved fylr startup, don't stop on programs which didn't pass the startup test, this can be now check in /inspect/system/execserver.

  • Unset loca keys are now replaced by the value of language en-US, or if that is unset by the first language set found in the order of the CSV sheet columns.

  • Changed names of all basetype events for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE. They are now prefixed by the name of the base type rather than the too generic OBJECT. OBJECT is still the prefix for user model changes.

  • Improved Windows README.

  • Changes standard rendering to use the render rule for before the value and not as it was in prior versions (including easydb 5) for after the value.

  • Show created date in detail & editor. The /api/db and /api/search have been extended to output _created for formats long and long_inheritance.


  • GPS Location is now correctly read into technical metadata. Re-sync to fix existing files.

  • Backup / restore work more reliably now. Started to migrate some of the settings of base config of easydb 5, such as database languages. That is a prerequisite to successfully import user profiles with languages other than de-DE or en-US.

  • Webdav: Support setting of pool in reverse objects.

  • Collection: Fixed multiple external anonymous shares.

  • Objectstore: Support for some objectstore schema configurations has been fixed.

  • Multiple open browser windows were broken since v6.2.4 and are now working again. The frontend got quite confused when working with multiple windows, because fylr used on session token cookie which was used in all windows alike.

  • PDF preview generation fixed for our internal viewer. Re-sync to fix existing files.

  • Custom data type updater fixed to actually read back updated data.

  • /api/group: Added missing support for frontend_prefs.

  • POST /api/db: Support lookup:_id together with _version:auto_increment.

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