Data Model Sync

If you are a partner of Programmfabrik GmbH, you can use our objectstore infrastructure to transfer fylr (and easydb 5) data models between fylr instances.

This can be used, for example, to develop a data model on a fylr staging instance and then transfer it to the fylr production instance.

To use this service

  1. Please create a support ticket:

  • Tell us the name of the instance.

  • Ask for a unique identifier, which will be used as the objectstore-ID.

  • Tell us about the usage type of each instance using the same data model. Examples: production, staging, test. But you are free to choose any term.

  1. We will then provide you with an objectstore ID and a string describing the instance usage. They serve to identify and allow access. Therefore we will make them into strings which conform to our syntax and may contain a part that is not easy to guess.

  2. They must be entered into the fylr base configuration (frontend):

  • Server:

  • UID: objectstore-ID

  • Instance: instance-usage-string

Yes, "easydb" in the objectstore's store URL is correct. This will be changed at a later time to reflect the current product fylr.

If you setup a new fylr instance, the objectstore's configuration can be entered (initially only) in the fylr.yml, too:

    uid: objectstore-ID
    instance: instance-usage-string

Other aspects

We decided to offer this service without a fee for now. We will reevaluate this based on the usage in the end of 2024.

Please let us know via support ticket if you have any questions.

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