Release v6.11.2 (2024-06-21)

Published 2024-06-21 13:41:53Z



  • See the Fixed section, some instances may require a re-index.


  • CRW format: Support Canon Raw CRW format.

  • /inspect/files: Add action Resync with metadata. This does what the Resync action before did, re-calculation of metadata. Now, the Resync action skips that step (unless no metadata is there) to save time during the re-sync.


  • /inspect/pools: Output created and updated timestamps.

  • fylr convert: New -r parameter to overwrite existing file.

  • fylr convert: Support resizing of small AI and SVG files. Affected files need a re-sync via /inspect/files.

  • fylr metadata: Improve reading of width and height for AI and SVG images. Affected files need a re-sync via /inspect/files.


  • Indexing of pools: Fixed for pools which have an updated timestamp set to '0000-01-01 00:00:00'. This was a regression from 6.11.0 where such a zero time was rendered as "" which caused indexer parsing problems. A re-index of affected instances is required.

  • Indexing of custom data types: Fixed a case where a text with value null caused objects to not being indexed. A re-index of affected instances is required.

  • WebDAV: Support Mac Finder & Windows Explorer for instances with https and HTTP Basic Authentication enabled.



  • AND / OR Filters: The ability to choose AND or OR modifiers in the filter panel has been added, allowing searches to be filtered using OR statements.


  • Reconnecting Alert: The reconnection alert has been improved for when the frontend loses connection with the backend and the event poller is configured to use stream connections

  • Table View: Corrections have been made to how the Result Table View updates elements when an update event is received from the server, improving usability issues when using the Result Table View.


  • Asset Browser Zoomer: Fixed an issue that prevented the zoom option from being used on vector2d type assets.

  • Collection Plugins: Numerous corrections have been made in the handling of collection plugins when using a collection as a hotfolder.

  • Base Config: Corrected how default values are displayed for multi-input fields in the base config.

  • Sort by Changelog: Fixed a bug that caused an error when sorting a search with multiple object types using the changelog as the sort filter.

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