Release v6.8.3 (2024-01-12)

Published 2024-01-12 13:51:08Z



  • Some workflows accidentially ran on DELETE even if not configured to do so.



  • A new option has been added in the mask settings for reverse nested tables to hide the tools buttons. This allows hiding the tools button in situations where relational tables are used. Furthermore, if the user does not have the permissions or cannot see any tool, the button will not be displayed.


  • The CSS of the application in general has been improved, including the PDF Creator and PDF printing.


  • An issue has been fixed where nested elements with condensed format were not displayed correctly.

  • The import of collections in the JSON importer has been corrected for collections that exceed 1000 records.

  • A bug in the new functionality for modifying the thumbnail of a video has been fixed, when the field to which the video belongs is not visible.

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