Migration Tool

This section describes the migration process between two instances using the fylr migration tool

This page describes the complete migration between productive instances.

For using SQL dumps as backups, please see Backups & Restore instead. The migration tools should not be used for any data backups! Especially files are not part of the backup, but only referenced by URL.

This page describes of the fylr migration tool, which is an internal part of the fylr binary and can be used by calling sub commands from the command line.

The migration consists of two parts: backup and restore. A complete migration is done by loading a backup from a source instance (easydb5 or fylr) using the fylr backup command, and later restoring it to a target instance (fylr only) using the fylr restore command.

The migration tools use the API store JSON files with payloads. The payloads contain basetypes and records stored in a way that the content can be used as the body of POST requests to the API of the target instance.

A central element of each backup is the manifest.json file, which contains information about the source instance. It also contains filenames (relative paths) to datamodel and base configuration files, and most important, the list of all payloads in a specific order.

The JSON files in the backup can be used for multiple restore runs, against multiple target instances.


backup and restore are sub commands of fylr. Make sure to always use the latest fylr version.

For all following descriptions of commands, fylr refers to a local binary.

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