Release 6.6.2 (2023-09-14)

Published 2023-09-14 07:39:37Z


  • Fixes an indexing bug where objects would be index in all versions. The order of the versions was random, so that we could not guarantee that the latest version of the object is indexed. If this problem occurs, you can see wrong pool counts after pool changes or do not find objects with their latest data as they are not indexed. A full re-index is recommended after applying this update. This update is recommended for all users.

  • Fixed error reporting when connecting to an S3 storage location. Before a session connect error would not be properly reported.

  • Fixed fylr restore with no base_config.json in manifest.json. Before we would try to load an non existing file and error out.


  • #69302: New feature. Show nested as table. Now nested tables can be configured in the mask to be displayed in table format.

  • #69515: Improved selection of multiple objects in list views, and also fixed multi-selection when using OSX systems.

  • #69453: Numerous corrections have been made in the base-migration plugin when performing migrations to Fylr.

  • #69454: Fixed an error in the ACLManager that prevented it from opening when a certain right had no available options.

  • #65354: Fixed errors in the date range textual representation.

  • #69763: Added a new block in the Authentication Services in the group manager to add Auto Added System groups.

  • #69776: Fixed an error when using automatic values in Date Columns.

  • #69776: Now plugins will be displayed using the 'name' property, and the 'display-name' property is now deprecated.

  • #68841: Added the global_object_id column for reversed linked objects as a selectable field in exports.

  • #68964: Added the option to sort nested using eas fields in Fylr.

  • #69715: Fixed an error when replacing URLs in the Json Importer.

  • #69118: Added some top_level_data fields to the display-field-values plugin.

  • #69683: Multiple improvements have been made in the plugin manager.

  • #69598: Improved the management of image extensions in the version manager.

  • #69670: Improved the field selection button in the print manager.

  • #69682: Fixed errors in the buttons for creating new templates in the detail panel.

  • #69656: The default value for collections has been increased to display 100 objects instead of 10.

  • #69632: Corrections have been made in the loading of base configs.

  • #69616: Added a new 'None' option in the presets of schedule email, in the user editing panel.

  • #69161: Now when loading new base configs, the user will be asked if they really want to overwrite important information such as the license and other settings.

  • #69149: Numerous corrections have been made in the event manager.

  • #68944: Corrections in the Fylr license panel.

  • #69248: Improved the order of the panels in the base config.

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