Release v6.11.1 (2024-06-14)

Published 2024-06-14 11:39:41Z



  • If you are using poly hierarchies a re-index is recommended to fix possible wrong _has_children information.


  • /api/objecttype?format=short: New URL parameter to limit api response and skip _tags, _maskfilters, _transitions.


  • Messages: Allow login pages to be confirmed using a checkbox.

  • /api/search: Support _fields for reverse nested. Also fix support for _changelog.date_last_updated for objects where _created_at is not the same as _last_modified.

  • License expiration reminder emails: Omit sending these emails and avoid event error messages if no email server is configured. Also, do not try to check expiration if no license is present.


  • Fixed indexing poly hierarchy parents after insert and parent changes. This fixes wrong _has_children information returned by the API, even on endpoint /api/db where the information is retrieved from a cache table.

  • /api/db_info/update: This fixes the mask selection for tag change requests. The problem was that we didn't use the requested tag updates for per pool checks.

  • /api/search: For type pool, output _compiled_tags. This was removed in 6.11.0 and led to frontend problems when creating new objects where default tags are relevant for permissions. Also, in /api/pool and /api/objecttype always output _compiled_tags.

  • where default tags are relevant for permissions. Also, in /api/pool and /api/objecttype always output _compiled_tags.

  • fylr backup: Write full pool and objecttype records into the backup files. This broken in 6.11.0 when the shorten output for /api/pool and /api/objecttype was introduced.

Web frontend


  • Clear Selection on Main Search: Introduced a new tool to clear the current selection from the context menu in the search.

  • List Search Popover: Added the hierarchy mode selector to list search popovers. Previously, this was only available for popovers using the standard or text view.


  • Deep Links: Added functionality to update the browser address bar deep link of an object in the editor sidebar. Previously, if an object was opened in edit mode and modified, the deep link in the browser’s address bar did not update to reflect the new object.

  • CSV Importer Configuration: Improved the configuration process for the Headless CSV importer (Only available for collection plugins)

  • CSV Importer: Added support for mapping multiple columns to the same linked object destination field within a nested field. This allows users to use multiple columns to insert linked objects into a single nested field.

  • CSS: Made adjustments to the frontend CSS.

  • Metadata Mapping: Improved the error alert during the metadata mapping process while uploading files. The alert now displays server-received errors in a readable format.


  • Filter Panel: Fixed an issue where, when the “OR” selector was active, the filter of a parent facet was added to the search, causing the child filter to have no effect.

  • Add Tags Tool: Fixed an issue where available tags were not displayed correctly. The tool now better utilizes the information received from the server.

  • Filepicker Plugins: Fixed an issue where an empty error was shown when the CMS did not send any data back after a successful file upload request.

  • Date Range Columns: Fixed the template placeholder values for date ranges. Previously, the date ranges did not display the template values correctly in the editor when available.

  • Custom Color on Themes: Fixed the loading of custom color schemes on slower instances.

  • Nested UUID: Fixed an issue when attempting to copy records with nested fields.

  • Sort by Changelog: Fixed an issue where sorting by changelog incorrectly used the system global object ID.

  • List Search Popovers: Fixed a bug where certain list trees would initialize with all child nodes opened, causing long loading times for large trees.

  • Hierarchy Parent Field: Fixed an issue where the paths of parent objects were not displayed correctly when modifying the parent list in a polyhierarchy object.

  • Search Popover: Fixed a bug where the hierarchy selector was not displayed if the search object was polyhierarchical.

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