In this section you find settings that affect the access of the fylr installation. Like allowing anonymous users, self-registration and defining password requirements.


Allow guest access

Allows anonymous access. When activated, the fylr instance can be accessed without having a user account.

Please note: when activated, the user group "Anonymous Users" need the system right "Access to Search" and permissions to the data. Using pools and tags, you can either give them access to all the data or just parts of it.

Login Info Text

This text will be shown on the login page above the login fields.


Hint for Unsupported Passwords

This message is displayed when a user sets a password and it does not meet the password requirements.

Password Requirements

Use regular expressions to define requirements for passwords. To only allow passwords with a length of 8 to 32 characters use ^.{8,32}$ for example.


Allow user registration

Shows a "Sign Up" button when guests / anonymous users access fylr.

Please note: this option requires that "Allow Guest Access" is enabled. The user group "Anonymous Users" also needs the system right "Create Users". Also make sure to assign system rights and permissions to the group "Self-registered Users" so they remain access to the system after signing up.

Registration Info Text

This text will be shown on the registration page above the input fields.


Define which fields should be available for the users who want to sign up. For each field you have the following options:



Field will be shown and is optional.

Don't Show

Field won't be shown.


Field will be shown and is mandatory.


Select groups that should be automatically assigned to a user who registers. Apart from these groups, users who sign up, are automatically assigned to the system group "Self-registered Users".

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