fylr first Production Ready Release 🎉 (2022-12-22)

Published 2022-12-22 18:51:43Z

fylr first Production Ready Release 🎉

The fylr API is compatible to Programmfabrik's easydb 5 API. fylr comes with features such as poly hierarchies and inherited data.

New technology

Although this release is considered ready for production, extra care should be taken when it comes to regular backups. fylr is a new technology and as such, wider adoption will eventually show bugs which have not been spotted during testings. Backups should be performed as Postgres database dumps. Currently this is not part of fylr .


Installation instructions and examples can be found in the install repo .


The included backup solution (there is a new Backup Manager in the frontend), is meant to be used for support purposes and development purposes only at the moment. This will turn into an automatic backup solution in the near future. So please make sure your fylr instance is backed up regularly. In fylr it is sufficient to backup the database (use "pg_dump" for this) and the files. If the file storage is on disk, you can use tools like rsync to back up files, if the storage is S3, the S3 server usually doesn't require a backup as it is a redundant storage system.

Restore an easydb 5

fylr includes a cli command which can be used to backup & restore an easydb 5 instance. See fylr -h for details.

Changes since v6.1.0

A re-index is recommended to fix potential problems with dates B.C.

  • New /inspect/system/console to follow fylr console output

  • New /inspect/system/queues to see the status of index & file queue

  • Storage layer generates directory separated keys, so that there are not that many file in one directory

  • Speed improvement for complex filters

  • Fix for storing dates way before B.C.

  • New built-in /docs service to output instance specific documentation (alpha, first version, not much there yet)

  • Baseconfig allows to adjust log level

  • Updated produce config defaults to match easydb 5 default setup

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